The DAMPT family of three brothers Emmanuel, Eric and Herve have taken over the running of Dampt business which was established by their Grandfather at the beginning of the last century. The business is one of the truly up and coming Chablis growers who are prepared to innovate and explore the art of viniculture in order to develop the best possible wine.

They win a large and disproportionate number of medals every year for their increasingly well-known and prized wines. They are starting to attract owners of Premier and Grand Cru land (they now make 6 of these much respected jewels in Chablis's crown). They have a very modern and innovative chai in Collan just to the east of Chablis. They focus on timing and respect in what they do, making each step in the wine-making process at the moment best suited for the state of the wine, and seeking to capture and preserve the true character of each piece of land and each season. It is thought they will be among the great growers of history in Chablis.

Their emblem is the famous French diplomat, writer and spy the Chevalier d'Eon, whose private life was as extraordinary and enigmatic as his public career. They make both white wines from Chablis or Tonnerre and red wine from Tonnerre, Coulanges and Irancy.