Although it is claimed that once upon a time, 16 centuries ago, the Roman emperor Probus sipped a glass of Chablis wine, the first written mention of Chablis dates to 510.

By the mid 15th century, registers prove that barriques filled with Chablis were shipped to Picardie, Flandres and England, thereby creating the first links between two of Europe’s major economies. The wine's popularity grew, as did the renowned importance of the village of Chablis, in 1478 France's fifth printing house was established there.

Whilst on many issues there have been some minor disagreements between the two countries, one absolute constant is the English love of Chablis.


It was while he was working in Paris that Chris Watson’s respect for Chablis grew to a passion, to own and make the best Chablis he could, thus maintaining the link between the English and French which has survived and strengthened for more than 500 years. Chris is believed to be the only English owner in the region but because he has remained true to the core values of Chablis production his efforts have been recognised with the appointment as a member of the Confrerie des Piliers Chablisiens (the elders of Chablis) and recently also as the first Royal Pilier, or senior member of the Confrerie, for England.


Chichée is approximately 470 kms and less than 5 hours from Calais situated in the Yvonne Department.

There are 2 major wine festivals each year:

St Vincent on first weekend in February

Fete des Vins on last weekend in October